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Definitions of Rule

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Definitions of rule
Word Meaning
convention something regarded as a normative example
dominion dominance or power through legal authority
govern exercise authority over; as of nations
predominate be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance
principle a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct
principle a rule or law concerning a natural phenomenon or the function of a complex system
rule a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior
rule prescribed guide for conduct or action
rule (linguistics) a rule describing (or prescribing) a linguistic practice
rule the duration of a monarch's or government's power
rule directions that define the way a game or sport is to be conducted
rule any one of a systematic body of regulations defining the way of life of members of a religious order
rule (mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems
rule measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
rule decide with authority
rule decide on and make a declaration about
rule have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac
rule mark or draw with a ruler
rule keep in check

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