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Definitions of Play

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Definitions of play
Word Meaning
act play a role or part
act pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind
act perform on a stage or theater
bet stake on the outcome of an issue
bid an attempt to get something
bring cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
dally consider not very seriously
dally behave carelessly or indifferently
free rein the removal of constraints
fun verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)
gambling the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize)
looseness movement or space for movement
maneuver a deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill
meet contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle
play a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage
play a theatrical performance of a drama
play a preset plan of action in team sports
play a state in which action is feasible
play utilization or exercise
play activity by children that is guided more by imagination than by fixed rules
play gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
play the act using a sword (or other weapon) vigorously and skillfully
play participate in games or sport
play act or have an effect in a specified way or with a specific effect or outcome
play play on an instrument
play be at play; be engaged in playful activity; amuse oneself in a way characteristic of children
play replay (as a melody)
play perform music on (a musical instrument)
play move or seem to move quickly, lightly, or irregularly
play bet or wager (money)
play engage in recreational activities rather than work; occupy oneself in a diversion
play pretend to be somebody in the framework of a game or playful activity
play emit recorded sound
play perform on a certain location
play put (a card or piece) into play during a game, or act strategically as if in a card game
play engage in an activity as if it were a game rather than take it seriously
play behave in a certain way
play cause to emit recorded audio or video
play use to one's advantage
play be received or accepted or interpreted in a specific way
play cause to move or operate freely within a bounded space
play be performed or presented for public viewing
play discharge or direct or be discharged or directed as if in a continuous stream
play make bets
play shoot or hit in a particular manner
play use or move
play employ in a game or in a specific position
play exhaust by allowing to pull on the line
playing period (in games or plays or other performances) the time during which play proceeds
shimmer a weak and tremulous light
toy manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination
turn (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession

Unscrambled 4 letter words

Word unscrambler found 2 different 4 letter words made with letters P L A Y like paly and play. You can find other unscrambled 4 letter words below.

Unscrambled 3 letter words

Word unscrambler found 8 different 3 letter words made with letters P L A Y like ply and pay. You can find other unscrambled 3 letter words below.

Unscrambled 2 letter words

Word unscrambler found 5 different 2 letter words made with letters P L A Y like ay and ya. You can find other unscrambled 2 letter words below.

ay ya

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