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Definitions of Parolees

You can find definitions of parolees below. For other uses please see definition of parolees at Merriam Webster

Definitions of parolees
Word Meaning
parole release a criminal from detention and place him on parole
probationer someone released on probation or on parole

Unscrambled 8 letter words

Word unscrambler found 1 different 8 letter words made with letters P A R O L E E S. You can find other unscrambled 8 letter words below.

Unscrambled 7 letter words

Word unscrambler found 11 different 7 letter words made with letters P A R O L E E S like elopers and leprose. You can find other unscrambled 7 letter words below.

Unscrambled 5 letter words

Word unscrambler found 86 different 5 letter words made with letters P A R O L E E S like pores and poser. You can find other unscrambled 5 letter words below.

Unscrambled 4 letter words

Word unscrambler found 99 different 4 letter words made with letters P A R O L E E S like pros and lops. You can find other unscrambled 4 letter words below.

Unscrambled 2 letter words

Word unscrambler found 17 different 2 letter words made with letters P A R O L E E S like os and so. You can find other unscrambled 2 letter words below.

os so or op lo
es er re pe
oe el as ar
pa al la ae

Unscrambled two word anagrams

Below list contains anagrams of parolees made by using two different word combinations.

Unscramble pros alee Unscramble reps aloe Unscramble reps olea Unscramble eros leap Unscramble eros pale Unscramble eros peal Unscramble eros plea Unscramble ores leap Unscramble ores pale Unscramble ores peal Unscramble ores plea Unscramble roes leap Unscramble roes pale Unscramble roes peal Unscramble roes plea Unscramble rose leap Unscramble rose pale Unscramble rose peal Unscramble rose plea Unscramble sore leap Unscramble sore pale Unscramble sore peal Unscramble sore plea Unscramble epos earl Unscramble epos lear Unscramble epos rale Unscramble epos real Unscramble opes earl Unscramble opes lear Unscramble opes rale Unscramble opes real Unscramble peso earl Unscramble peso lear Unscramble peso rale Unscramble peso real Unscramble pose earl Unscramble pose lear Unscramble pose rale Unscramble pose real Unscramble pore ales Unscramble pore lase Unscramble pore leas Unscramble pore sale Unscramble pore seal Unscramble repo ales Unscramble repo lase Unscramble repo leas Unscramble repo sale Unscramble repo seal Unscramble rope ales Unscramble rope lase Unscramble rope leas Unscramble rope sale Unscramble rope seal Unscramble lose aper Unscramble lose pare Unscramble lose pear Unscramble lose rape Unscramble lose reap Unscramble oles aper Unscramble oles pare Unscramble oles pear Unscramble oles rape Unscramble oles reap Unscramble sloe aper Unscramble sloe pare Unscramble sloe pear Unscramble sloe rape Unscramble sloe reap Unscramble sole aper Unscramble sole pare Unscramble sole pear Unscramble sole rape Unscramble sole reap Unscramble lore apes Unscramble lore apse Unscramble lore pase Unscramble lore peas Unscramble lore spae Unscramble orle apes Unscramble orle apse Unscramble orle pase Unscramble orle peas Unscramble orle spae Unscramble role apes Unscramble role apse Unscramble role pase Unscramble role peas Unscramble role spae Unscramble lope ares Unscramble lope arse Unscramble lope ears Unscramble lope eras Unscramble lope rase Unscramble lope sear Unscramble lope sera Unscramble pole ares Unscramble pole arse Unscramble pole ears Unscramble pole eras Unscramble pole rase Unscramble pole sear Unscramble pole sera Unscramble rees opal Unscramble seer opal Unscramble sere opal
Unscramble pees oral Unscramble seep oral Unscramble peer also Unscramble peer sola Unscramble pere also Unscramble pere sola Unscramble pree also Unscramble pree sola Unscramble eels prao Unscramble eels proa Unscramble else prao Unscramble else proa Unscramble lees prao Unscramble lees proa Unscramble seel prao Unscramble seel proa Unscramble leer apos Unscramble leer soap Unscramble reel apos Unscramble reel soap Unscramble peel oars Unscramble peel osar Unscramble peel soar Unscramble peel sora Unscramble pele oars Unscramble pele osar Unscramble pele soar Unscramble pele sora Unscramble oars peel Unscramble oars pele Unscramble osar peel Unscramble osar pele Unscramble soar peel Unscramble soar pele Unscramble sora peel Unscramble sora pele Unscramble apos leer Unscramble apos reel Unscramble soap leer Unscramble soap reel Unscramble prao eels Unscramble prao else Unscramble prao lees Unscramble prao seel Unscramble proa eels Unscramble proa else Unscramble proa lees Unscramble proa seel Unscramble also peer Unscramble also pere Unscramble also pree Unscramble sola peer Unscramble sola pere Unscramble sola pree Unscramble oral pees Unscramble oral seep Unscramble opal rees Unscramble opal seer Unscramble opal sere Unscramble ares lope Unscramble ares pole Unscramble arse lope Unscramble arse pole Unscramble ears lope Unscramble ears pole Unscramble eras lope Unscramble eras pole Unscramble rase lope Unscramble rase pole Unscramble sear lope Unscramble sear pole Unscramble sera lope Unscramble sera pole Unscramble apes lore Unscramble apes orle Unscramble apes role Unscramble apse lore Unscramble apse orle Unscramble apse role Unscramble pase lore Unscramble pase orle Unscramble pase role Unscramble peas lore Unscramble peas orle Unscramble peas role Unscramble spae lore Unscramble spae orle Unscramble spae role Unscramble aper lose Unscramble aper oles Unscramble aper sloe Unscramble aper sole Unscramble pare lose Unscramble pare oles Unscramble pare sloe Unscramble pare sole Unscramble pear lose Unscramble pear oles Unscramble pear sloe Unscramble pear sole Unscramble rape lose Unscramble rape oles Unscramble rape sloe Unscramble rape sole Unscramble reap lose Unscramble reap oles
Unscramble reap sloe Unscramble reap sole Unscramble ales pore Unscramble ales repo Unscramble ales rope Unscramble lase pore Unscramble lase repo Unscramble lase rope Unscramble leas pore Unscramble leas repo Unscramble leas rope Unscramble sale pore Unscramble sale repo Unscramble sale rope Unscramble seal pore Unscramble seal repo Unscramble seal rope Unscramble earl epos Unscramble earl opes Unscramble earl peso Unscramble earl pose Unscramble lear epos Unscramble lear opes Unscramble lear peso Unscramble lear pose Unscramble rale epos Unscramble rale opes Unscramble rale peso Unscramble rale pose Unscramble real epos Unscramble real opes Unscramble real peso Unscramble real pose Unscramble leap eros Unscramble leap ores Unscramble leap roes Unscramble leap rose Unscramble leap sore Unscramble pale eros Unscramble pale ores Unscramble pale roes Unscramble pale rose Unscramble pale sore Unscramble peal eros Unscramble peal ores Unscramble peal roes Unscramble peal rose Unscramble peal sore Unscramble plea eros Unscramble plea ores Unscramble plea roes Unscramble plea rose Unscramble plea sore Unscramble aloe reps Unscramble olea reps Unscramble alee pros Unscramble pores ale Unscramble pores lea Unscramble poser ale Unscramble poser lea Unscramble prose ale Unscramble prose lea Unscramble repos ale Unscramble repos lea Unscramble ropes ale Unscramble ropes lea Unscramble spore ale Unscramble spore lea Unscramble lores ape Unscramble lores pea Unscramble loser ape Unscramble loser pea Unscramble orles ape Unscramble orles pea Unscramble roles ape Unscramble roles pea Unscramble sorel ape Unscramble sorel pea Unscramble lopes are Unscramble lopes ear Unscramble lopes era Unscramble poles are Unscramble poles ear Unscramble poles era Unscramble slope are Unscramble slope ear Unscramble slope era Unscramble loper sae Unscramble loper sea Unscramble poler sae Unscramble poler sea Unscramble prole sae Unscramble prole sea Unscramble erose alp Unscramble erose lap Unscramble erose pal Unscramble leers apo Unscramble reels apo Unscramble peels oar Unscramble peels ora Unscramble peles oar Unscramble peles ora Unscramble sleep oar Unscramble sleep ora Unscramble speel oar Unscramble speel ora
Unscramble elope ars Unscramble elope ras Unscramble praos eel Unscramble praos lee Unscramble proas eel Unscramble proas lee Unscramble sapor eel Unscramble sapor lee Unscramble orals pee Unscramble solar pee Unscramble opals ere Unscramble opals ree Unscramble parol see Unscramble polar see Unscramble apers ole Unscramble apres ole Unscramble asper ole Unscramble pares ole Unscramble parse ole Unscramble pears ole Unscramble prase ole Unscramble presa ole Unscramble rapes ole Unscramble reaps ole Unscramble spare ole Unscramble spear ole Unscramble opera els Unscramble opera les Unscramble opera sel Unscramble pareo els Unscramble pareo les Unscramble pareo sel Unscramble arles ope Unscramble earls ope Unscramble lares ope Unscramble laser ope Unscramble lears ope Unscramble rales ope Unscramble reals ope Unscramble seral ope Unscramble lapse ore Unscramble lapse roe Unscramble leaps ore Unscramble leaps roe Unscramble pales ore Unscramble pales roe Unscramble peals ore Unscramble peals roe Unscramble pleas ore Unscramble pleas roe Unscramble salep ore Unscramble salep roe Unscramble sepal ore Unscramble sepal roe Unscramble spale ore Unscramble spale roe Unscramble paler oes Unscramble paler ose Unscramble parle oes Unscramble parle ose Unscramble pearl oes Unscramble pearl ose Unscramble aloes per Unscramble aloes rep Unscramble erase lop Unscramble erase pol Unscramble saree lop Unscramble saree pol Unscramble perea sol Unscramble easel pro Unscramble lease pro Unscramble laree ops Unscramble laree sop Unscramble lopers ae Unscramble polers ae Unscramble proles ae Unscramble sloper ae Unscramble splore ae Unscramble repose al Unscramble repose la Unscramble resole pa Unscramble elopes ar Unscramble eloper as Unscramble operas el Unscramble pareos el Unscramble soaper el Unscramble lapser oe Unscramble parles oe Unscramble pearls oe Unscramble aslope er Unscramble aslope re Unscramble parole es Unscramble serape lo Unscramble larees op Unscramble leaser op Unscramble reales op Unscramble resale op Unscramble reseal op Unscramble sealer op Unscramble asleep or Unscramble elapse or Unscramble please or Unscramble leaper os Unscramble leaper so Unscramble repeal os Unscramble repeal so

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